John Schwartz

President and CEO

A public media advocate for 40 years, John has founded community radio and television stations and brought wireless broadband services to cities throughout the United States. In 1980, John founded KBDI-TV in the Denver area, now known as CPT12. In 1983, he started what is now called Voqal — five non-profit organizations that obtained licenses in the Educational Broadband Service (EBS) band. Utilizing the organizations’ spectrum, commercial operator Clearwire, now a Sprint subsidiary, delivers 4G wireless broadband to most major U.S. cities. In exchange for the use of this spectrum, Clearwire provides the Voqal organizations with royalties, which they allocate to their operations and grant-making efforts. In 1995, John started Free Speech TV, a Denver-based progressive TV network which is seen on DISH Network, DirecTV, Roku and the web. John lives in Boulder, CO.

Chris Artem

Account Manager, Mobile Citizen

Chris is an account manager for Voqal’s Mobile Citizen initiative. Chris is responsible for retail renewal accounts and FCC compliance through educational accounts. Chris graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.A. in European History. Chris loves the outdoors, reading history books and rooting for his beloved Steelers. Chris joined Voqal in 2001.

Cassie Bair

Managing Director, Mobile Citizen

Cassie is the managing director of Voqal’s Mobile Citizen initiative, which aims to bridge the digital divide with affordable technology. Cassie has over 15 years of experience in nonprofit and start-up organizations. Most recently, Cassie served as the VP of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships at Mobile Accord, a private sector company, where she implemented national and international business strategy in the text for social good industry. She holds an MA from the University of Colorado at Boulder in Integrated Marketing Communications and a BS from Appalachian State University in Applied Communications. Cassie currently resides in Denver with her husband, daughter and wonder mutt. Cassie joined Voqal in 2014.


Hazel Bolsover

Business Manager

As business manager, Hazel is responsible for spearheading Voqal’s IT, cash management and risk management efforts. Prior to joining Voqal, Hazel primarily worked in construction accounting, including working with companies that built DIA and Coors Field! Hazel has an associate’s degree in accounting and served as a national director of the National Association of Women in Construction. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading and cheering for her beloved Broncos. Hazel joined Voqal in 2002.

Patricia Dwyer

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

As Voqal’s CFO, Patricia is responsible for the financial stewardship of Voqal.  Prior to joining Voqal, Patricia focused on assisting small businesses in her community with their financial affairs including the Wheat Ridge Foundation and Wheat Ridge 2020.  Patricia worked with various divisions of MetLife from 1997 to 2009 and started her career in public accounting with Deloitte & Touche.  Patricia is a registered CPA and holds a master’s degree in accounting from the University of Colorado and a bachelor’s degree in finance. Patricia joined Voqal in 2010.

John Kennedy

Partner and Sales Manager, Mobile Citizen

John joined Voqal’s Mobile Citizen initiative in 2011. He is primarily responsible for developing Mobile Citizen’s nonprofit partners efforts. John joined Voqal from the private sector and has a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of San Francisco. In his spare time he reads and suffers many tennis defeats.

Adam Miller

Chief Operating Officer

Adam is responsible for budgeting and policy development, and oversees the EducationOnDemand and Mobile Citizen initiatives. Prior to joining Voqal, Adam was the Volunteer Coordinator for Special Olympics Texas and also served as an AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer in Manor, TX implementing literacy programs.  Adam holds a bachelor’s degree from Sewanee.  When not playing with his family, Adam is riding his bike. Adam joined Voqal in 2001.

Kathy Partridge

Senior Program Officer, Voqal Fund

Kathy is senior program officer of the Voqal Fund. She joins Voqal from Interfaith Funders, a network of faith-based and secular grant-makers working to strengthen democracy and justice. Serving as Executive Director for nearly a decade, she led an active funder collaborative to advance movements for social change and build the field of philanthropy. Previously, Kathy worked for 11 years as a program officer at The Needmor Fund, making grants to empower grassroots groups to create a more equitable and just society, with a focus on the U.S. South. A long-time Boulder County resident, she is a fiber artist specializing in knitting, and also enjoys gardening and hiking. Kathy joined Voqal in 2014.

Kristen Perry

Communications Director

Kristen is responsible for setting and guiding the strategy for all Voqal communications. Prior to joining Voqal, Kristen developed and implemented marketing and communication strategies for various organizations from the traditional world of banking to the emerging world of digital products. She holds a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Butler University and a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications from the University of Colorado. Kristen  joined Voqal in 2013.

Leah Pryor-Lease

Program Officer, Voqal Fund

Leah is program officer of the Voqal Fund. Prior to joining Voqal, Leah worked for over a decade in the public and nonprofit sectors building strategic partnerships and leading programs focused on underserved populations. Leah holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Brandeis University. She lives in Denver with her family where most of her free time is spent wrangling twins and a 100-pound dog. Leah joined Voqal in 2014.

Julie Reinders

Human Resources Director

As human resources director, Julie is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of all phases of Human Resources programs, policies and procedures, included but not limited to compensation, benefits, recruiting and placement, staff development and training. Prior to joining Voqal, Julie worked most recently at Clinica Family Health Services. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin. Julie loves the outdoors, hiking, traveling, camping and yoga. Julie joined Voqal in 2014.

Becky Schott

Director of Business Administration

As Director of Business Administration, Becky is responsible for running Voqal’s business office. Prior to joining Voqal, Becky honed her skills in various accounting and business manager positions at Celestial Seasonings, American Educational Company and Gunpark Management. Becky received an associate’s degree in accounting from Front Range Community College and has over 30 years of accounting experience. When not working, she enjoys volunteering, reading and spending time with her family. Becky joined Voqal in 2009.


Kevin Lindsay

Principal, Harvests Inc.

Harvests, Inc. is a Denver-based consultant group assisting non-profit organizations with economic strategies to strengthen and extend their reach.

Harvests began its affiliation with Voqal in 2004. Originally engaged to develop marketing and recruitment methods forming strategic partnerships with fellow EBS operators, its role quickly expanded to include EBS spectrum acquisition and market intelligence tasks. To date, Harvests has successfully generated in excess of $26 million in contractual revenues for the EBS Companies and their affiliates.

In addition, Harvests has been instrumental to the launch of Mobile Citizen™ (4G mobile broadband service exclusively for schools and non-profits) and continues to provide day-to-day operational support to the initiative.

Harvests is pleased to support the Independent Public Media effort.

The Harvests Team

  • Kevin-John Lindsay, Principal
  • Kirkland Lindsay, Financial Officer
  • Jim Ringel, Executive Consultant–Sales & Marketing
  • Lisa Jones, Executive Consultant–Project Management/IT
  • Aiden Gray, Consultant–Creative Services
  • Melissa Edmonds, Manager of Administrative Services

Project Affiliates

  • Public Relations: Chatterbrain – Nikki Martin, Principal
  • Research Services: EHI Services – Karen Lindberg Jefferson, Principal
  • Web & Digital Services: ibu – Evan Dechtman, Principal

Hollis A. Hope

Senior Philanthropy Advisor

Hollis A. Hope serves as Senior Philanthropy Advisor and is responsible for strategy, program development and impact assessment for Voqal. She leads the consultancy Hope Strategies, Inc., in Boulder, Colorado, providing expert counsel, strategy development and project management for social sector clients.