IPM proudly announces…


IPM is pleased to announce a new featured offering to Public Television stations across the U.S. Following its mission to preserve public television airwaves, IPM has established a short-term financing program to help support the system’s financially challenged and at-risk stations.

The FCC recently launched its plan to conduct the first Broadcast Television Incentive Spectrum Auctions. It’s widely believed that there may be significant rewards for those broadcasters volunteering spectrum assets to the proceeding. In pursuit of our mission, IPM is committing resources to devise ways in which Public TV broadcasters can benefit from meaningful participation in the auction process and thrive more sustainably in the post-auction era.

Public Television is facing a multitude of internal and external challenges.

thumbThese challenges threaten the continued existence of this crucial component of the public media sector. Even with Federal funding still in place, stations are increasingly unable to operate on a break-even basis, resulting in operating deficits that threaten their survival. Local revenues continue to fall faster than most operators are currently positioned to address. Moreover, PBS is losing member stations, some in major markets, because they cannot afford to pay their dues. Clearly the stations and the national organizations that serve them are no longer on a sustainable path.

thumb-1We are establishing Independent Public Media as a lifeline in an effort to rescue stations from becoming extinct.

Using foundation resources, IPM will attempt to help save as many stations as we can and demonstrate to others that stations can be operated sustainably and in ways that reflect the full spirit of the legislation upon which educational public television was founded.

IPM is responsive to the call-to-action to preserve our nation’s public television frequencies for the communities they serve.

thumb-2We envision revolutionary changes in the development and distribution of content. IPM will forge partnerships with current and new content providers — providers working successfully in the newest operating paradigms for the medium. Traditionally, this new breed of producer and distributor has not had access to Public TV. IPM plans to change this. We envision deploying new programming strategies that will place these valued assets on a sound footing while maintaining their independent voice.