Voqal Education aims to educate and empower the public to foster a stronger, healthier democracy.

From its beginnings providing free, instructional video to new efforts to support the change-makers in the education space, Voqal Education has strived to fulfill the mission of the Educational Broadband Service (formerly called Instructional Television Fixed Service) for more than 30 years.

Voqal Education Venture Fund

Recognizing that the problems related to inequality in education are numerous, Voqal Education is committed to connecting early stage investors and donors with technology startups. With a goal of reducing opportunity gaps in education, Voqal Education will seed innovators and change-makers already working in the educational space with funding and other resources.

Crash Course – Government and Politics

Voqal Education is proud to be an underwriter of Crash Course – Government and Politics. Crash Course is a wildly popular educational YouTube channel started by Hank Green and John Green. The 10-minute videos condense complex topics into quirky, engaging tutorials. As an indicator of its popularity, Crash Course has accumulated nearly 3 million subscribers.

The Crash Course – Government and Politics series began in January 2015 and is hosted by Craig Benzine. The series combines many of Voqal Education’s interests in that it’s educational, free to anyone via the Crash Course YouTube channel and helps viewers understand how their government works so they can become more engaged and empowered citizens. The proven success of Crash Course made it a logical choice for funding through Voqal Education.

Instructional Video Programming and EduOnDemand.org

One of Voqal Education’s longstanding efforts was providing free instructional video programming to schools. As times and technology changed, so did we — following up our programming with free, online instructional video programming via our EduOnDemand.org website. Due to the number and success of online alternatives now available, we have decided to focus our efforts in education elsewhere and will discontinue our streaming service in September 2015. Discontinuing EduOnDemand.org allows us to provide increased support to additional organizations that are already actively creating change in the educational space.