Announcing Our 2021 Annual Report

Image Description: Black demonstrator people holding hands against racism protest - Focus on fists

We are excited to announce the release of Voqal’s 2021 Annual Report. This year, considering the increasingly remote world we find ourselves in, we made the decision to create an all-digital annual report microsite. We also changed the format up a bit, to reflect our efforts to better align Voqal’s work with our mission and our goal to become a multicultural, antiracist organization. We recognize we have a long way to go on this journey, but this year’s annual report provides a glimpse into some of the work we did in 2021 to get a bit closer to the Voqal we want to be.

The excerpt below from Voqal CEO, Brenda Sears, sums up the theme of this year’s annual report:

As an organization, we are shifting our own governance, management, and organizational structure to better reflect our shared values. We are reimagining how we direct our time, energy, and resources to shift power from ourselves to the communities we are serving.

And, like the national reckoning, we too are facing our share of resistance.

But we keep going because we have seen this before. This is a long-term struggle. There is no instant victory. The path to solving deep social inequities is full of setbacks and defeats and challenges. Every social, civil, and human rights movement has been met with fierce opposition by those benefiting from the status quo.

The last year has been a bitter reminder that we cannot rest. We cannot be lulled into complacency. If we want this moment to become a movement, if we want to move from protest to power to policy change, we have to continue to support the work of grassroots groups who organize in superhuman ways to save our lives, our rights, and our democracy.

We’d also like to thank Talooka Studio for their work on the design of the website. Trying something new like this can be intimidating, but they did amazing work and were great partners in making our vision for this year’s annual report a reality.

You can view the full 2021 Voqal Annual report online here.