App Empowers Users to Map Street Harassment and Share Stories

Dec. 3, 2105

The Hollaback! One Touch Reporting App, a new mobile app offered by Hollaback!, allows users to map harassment they experience in public and share their stories.

The app, which was released on Sept. 9 of this year, currently serves 92 cities in 32 countries and is offered 18 languages. A nonprofit working to end harassment in public spaces, Hollaback! created the app to make it easier to report incidences of street harassment, with a goal of fostering greater empathy and a higher rate of change.

Many app users have shared positive feedback, including a comment from a New Yorker who reported:

Today I was walking from my home to the D train…As I was walking down the street a man said to me, “Hey Sexy Eyes”…I found my legs shaking and myself barely able to stand…Somedays I feel like I can’t stand to live here any longer. Thank you for giving me a forum to share my story.

With the help of Voqal Fund, Hollaback! is continuing to work toward its vision of a world where harassment is not tolerated and everyone enjoys equal access to public spaces.