Access:  Mobile Citizen offers high-speed, low-cost mobile Internet to nonprofits and schools, allowing these organizations access to the latest technology at an affordable rate so they can change the way they live and learn. Independent Public Media, addresses the concerns of many that independent public TV stations are rapidly becoming an endangered species.

Community:  Voqal’s philanthropic investments may fund a wide array of programs but they all have social change at their core.  From smaller grants to promoting literacy programs to larger support aimed at getting corporate money out of politics, Voqal encourages projects that use new and conventional media channels to influence long-term social change.

Knowledge:  Voqal got its start supporting schools with free educational content.  More than thirty years later, we continue to support schools and individuals by providing broadcast video and educational content on-demand at no cost via our EducationOnDemand initiative and the connectivity to access that content using our Mobile Citizen service.