At Voqal, we believe that Educational Broadband Service (EBS) spectrum set aside by the FCC is a valuable resource that should be preserved and fully developed. EBS is reserved for use by nonprofit and governmental organizations to promote education. More than 1,000 colleges, universities, school districts, religious organizations, and nonprofits hold EBS licenses. FCC rules allow EBS license holders to lease excess capacity on their spectrum to commercial users. For the most part, EBS spectrum is used to provide wireless broadband service .

We created Independent Spectrum as an ally for EBS spectrum holders, representing their interest by facilitating opportunities to maximize the potential of their licenses.

Through arrangements with commercial wireless carrier Sprint, Independent Spectrum passes through to other EBS licensees significant financial and educational benefits. From small, rural communities like Alto, TX to larger, commercially-built markets like Minneapolis, MN, Independent Spectrum assists licensees of all sizes and technological sophistication to maximize benefits from their EBS spectrum.

Independent Spectrum has also secured licenses outright in Altoona, PA, El Paso, TX, Hutchinson, KS and Hillsborough County (Tampa), FL. Through agreements with Sprint, Independent Spectrum is able to work directly with schools to license free broadband Internet access in areas where Sprint provides signal coverage. If you are an educator in one of these communities and are interested in mobile broadband access for your school, please email us at to learn more.