Voqal Joins Philanthropic Collective to Combat Anti-Blackness and Realize Racial Justice

Logo of the Philanthropic Collective to Combat Anti-Blackness & Realize Racial Justice

Voqal recently joined a coalition of foundations and philanthropic organizations formed in response to the killing of George Floyd. These organizations have partnered to denounce anti-blackness and racism in Minnesota. The Philanthropic Collective to Combat Anti-Blackness and Realize Racial Justice plans on raising $25 million to transform the field of institutional philanthropy and invites additional funds to invest in a visionary and historic Black-led movement fund.

Today, the coalition released a joint statement explaining the reason for its creation and its vision for the future. An excerpt from the statement can be found below:

Philanthropy is meant to contribute to the greater good, greater access for disenfranchised communities and groups. Yet the field of philanthropy has not done enough to clearly name, disrupt, and eliminate racism.

The desire to give is a universal, human impulse. And within this generosity, philanthropy has sought to address community needs and societal ills. Martin Luther King, Jr., once said, “Philanthropy is commendable, but it must not cause the philanthropist to overlook the circumstances of economic injustice which make philanthropy necessary.” Guided by this wisdom, as we recognize the progress created by philanthropy, we must also examine the ways in which some philanthropic practices have historically perpetuated anti-Blackness and racism – and those instances and institutions that still do so today. By naming this complicated truth, we can acknowledge the ways in which institutional philanthropy has caused harm to Black people, Indigenous people, and communities of color. We are committed to facing this reality as we continue to learn, and adapt to improve our processes in practice, policy, and fund disbursement.

Voqal is honored and humbled to be a member of this coalition and looks forward to the more racially equitable and inclusive philanthropic landscape it seeks to promote.

Learn more, including how you can get involved with the effort, at mnphilanthropiccollective.org.