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We believe that nonprofits, schools and community trailblazers should have the access and resources they need to make a change for the greater good.

As stewards of EBS spectrum — a public resource — Voqal strives to give those on the margins a voice. We are committed to the education and enrichment of all, not just those who are well-off socially, economically and politically.

In 1963, the Federal Government reserved a spectrum band, now called Educational Broadband Service (EBS) for schools and nonprofits. Spectrum, a finite natural resource, is valuable and has become a crucial part of education. In 1983, five nonprofits came together as Voqal to ensure that the benefits of EBS are available to those that need it the most.

Today, Voqal advances equity by building an educated and engaged public. We do this by making grants and educational impact investments, offering fellowships, expanding affordable internet access, and working to protect the public airwaves.


.01 Accessible

Power to the Public

Voqal is out to close the digital divide by making sure everyone has access to the power that the internet and digital communication provide. Through Mobile Citizen, we’ve established the first 4G service provider in the U.S. to offer affordable mobile internet exclusively to education and nonprofit organizations. Broadband internet and digital media shouldn’t just be available for the privileged few. Our educational impact investments seed innovators already working in the educational space with funding and other resources. Together, these projects help us give access and opportunity to nonprofits, schools and tomorrow’s leaders.


.02 Possible

Everyone Plays a Part

Because big ideas create big changes, Voqal is investing in a new generation of social entrepreneurs. By offering fellowships, Voqal provides resources to tech-savvy innovators to help bring their ideas for social change to life.

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Why Make a Dent When You Can Make Waves?

Voqal envisions a world free of social inequity and injustice. Through its grantmaking, Voqal supports nonprofit organizations and individuals using media and technology to promote progressive social change and disrupt the status quo. We also work to ensure that the public airwaves serve education and the public interest.