Voqal Education Venture Fund Announces Investment in GetSet Learning

July 18, 2017 The Voqal Education Venture Fund is proud to announce its investment in and partnership with GetSet Learning. GetSet is a social networking platform that strategically connects students to peers who have successfully faced similar obstacles with the goal of improving postsecondary retention and persistence. The technology blends influential peer advice with proven Read More

Voqal Joins Massive Internet-Wide Day of Action for Net Neutrality

July 11, 2017 Thousands of websites plan massive online protest for July 12. Other participants include Twitter, Amazon, Reddit, Netflix, OK Cupid, Mozilla, Etsy, Kickstarter and Vimeo. Voqal will participate in the Internet-Wide Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality tomorrow, July 12 to oppose the FCC’s plan to slash Title II, the legal foundation Read More

Join the Battle for the Net July 12

June 29, 2017 On July 12, 2017, Voqal will join websites, internet users and online communities coming together to sound the alarm about the FCC’s attack on net neutrality. New FCC Chairman and former Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai has a plan to destroy net neutrality and give big cable companies immense control over what happens Read More

Mobile Citizen Spotlight: North Clackamas School District

June 22, 2017 The following is a story from Mobile Citizen’s website featuring an exciting project from the North Clackamas School District made possible thanks to the low-cost, mobile internet it receives from Mobile Citizen. Learn how other nonprofits and schools are utilizing this valuable resource to accomplish great things at mobilecitizen.org. North Clackamas School Read More

The People’s Summit Provides Building Blocks for Progressive Change

June 12, 2017 Thousands of progressive individuals and several progressive organizations came together in Chicago this past weekend for The People’s Summit. Billed as an attempt to build a “People’s Agenda that can enhance and expand issue campaigns and hold all elected officials accountable to popular demands for justice, equality and freedom” many topics and Read More

Mobile Citizen’s Cassie Bair to Participate in Digital Inclusion Workshop at SHLB’s Annual Conference

May 26, 2017 Cassie Bair, Mobile Citizen chief business development executive, is scheduled to moderate a panel at the Schools, Health and Libraries Broadband Coalition (SHLB) annual conference on May 31. Cassie’s panel is part of a Digital Inclusion Workshop co-sponsored by SHLB and the National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA). The workshop will offer a targeted Read More