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In Voqal’s latest DEI spotlight, Voqal business support specialist, Annie Stoneburner, reflects on a recent experience she had discussing the complex issue of systemic racism with a family member and her thoughts on the challenges that arise during those conversations. Prior to the passing of George Floyd, it was my intent to write a blog

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In the latest update from Voqal’s director of telecommunications strategy, Mark Colwell assesses congressional efforts to increase broadband funding this year.  One of Voqal’s organizational goals is to improve broadband connectivity – especially among those who are unable to afford service or who have traditionally been disadvantaged based on where they live. Voqal has continually

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Jane Addams Seniors in Action works to build racial, social, and economic justice. Its activities include community organizing, coalition building, issue campaigns, referenda efforts, educating voters, direct lobbying, and candidate electoral endorsements. With support from Voqal, Jane Addams Seniors in Action began organizing a base of seniors capable of engaging with both the important everyday

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Faith in Action Fund is one of the most dynamic political action funds in the country. Deeply committed to building power in communities of color, Faith in Action Fund is making waves that will reverberate through multiple generations. The fund has as a central premise a desire to make elected officials accountable to the communities

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Voqal knows that taking risks with innovative, progressive ideas is necessary to advance social change. The Voqal Fellowship is an investment in people as individuals and budding entrepreneurs; a talent accelerator aimed at giving those often overlooked by traditional funders a chance to enact their visions at center stage. In this month’s 2020 Voqal Fellowship

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We are profoundly saddened by George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis on Memorial Day. And we are outraged. But this statement isn’t about how we feel. It’s about state-sanctioned violence against Black and Brown people. It’s about the devaluing of Black and Brown bodies. It’s about the systemic racism that leads to a white police officer

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As we discussed last month, Voqal staff members have embarked on a shared journey to better understand diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in relation to our work and as individuals. In the second installment of our DEI Spotlight Series, Mobile Citizen anchor institutions program manager, Molly Fohn, reflects on her experience with an introductory anti-racism

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The Center for Racial and Gender Equity works to build the power of the Black women most directly impacted by the intersections of violently racialized and gendered capitalism to advance a radical vision for liberation, through leadership development and political engagement. It runs grassroots policy and electoral campaigns, engaging Black voters and building Black women’s

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Late last month, we wrote about the growing concern that rural tribal nations might miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to apply for Educational Broadband Spectrum (EBS) over their lands due to the impact of COVID-19. EBS is an important tool to deliver affordable wireless broadband services. On February 3, the FCC opened its first-ever Rural Tribal

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Voqal project, Mobile Citizen, aims to bridge the digital divide by offering free and low-cost internet to educational institutions, nonprofits, and social welfare agencies. In its most recent case study, Mobile Citizen highlights the work of Ashbury Senior Computer Community Center to help close the digital divide in Cleveland. Below is an excerpt from the

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