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Increasing Internet Access

Mobile Citizen

One of Voqal’s key projects is Mobile Citizen. Mobile Citizen aims to bridge the digital divide by offering free and low-cost internet to educational institutions, nonprofits and social welfare agencies. For example, programs like:

  • Ashbury Senior Community Computer Center, which works to bridge the digital divide in Cleveland’s inner-city communities by addressing the technology needs of mature and older adults with limited income via technology literacy training and access to technology.
  • PCs for People in St. Paul, MN that provides low-cost computers, computer repair, internet and support to families with an average income of $12,000 per year.

Mobile Citizen’s internet service is available nationwide. Mobile Citizen was created via a unique, 30-year partnership with CLEAR — now a part of T-Mobile.

For more information visit mobilecitizen.org.

Independent Spectrum

We created Independent Spectrum as an ally for EBS spectrum holders, representing their interest by facilitating opportunities to maximize the potential of their licenses.

Through arrangements with commercial wireless carrier, T-Mobile, Independent Spectrum passes through to other EBS licensees significant financial and educational benefits, including working directly with schools to license-free broadband Internet access. From small, rural communities like Alto, TX to larger, commercially-built markets like Minneapolis, MN, Independent Spectrum assists licensees of all sizes and technological sophistication to maximize benefits from their EBS spectrum.

Case Studies

Putting Chicago’s Youth on the Right Path

At Youth Guidance, at school, in the community and in the working world, access to technology is as necessary as access to pencils and paper. Students need the internet to search for jobs, network, communicate, track current events and read news, and to do research. Students who don’t have internet access at home often depend on schools for access.

This is where Youth Guidance’s partnership with Mobile Citizen comes in. Mobile Citizen provides affordable wireless internet and hotspots with no data caps for the Youth Guidance staff, allowing them to use technology and internet access to better help those they serve.

ASC3 Launches Services Call Center Program

Broadband has become an indispensable driver of economic growth and workforce development, creating opportunities for Americans to research and apply for jobs, complete basic job functions in a range of professions, and learn new skills for career advancement. Ashbury Senior Computer Community Center (ACS3), a nonprofit inter-generational technology learning center in the heart of Cleveland, Ohio, helps those still living on the other side of the digital divide keep up.

Mobile Citizen’s partnership and much-needed affordable internet has been a key component in Ashbury’s ability to offer this new and innovative Services Call Center program.

Bridging the Digital Divide for Immigrant Communities

A Plus Kids is using Voqal initiative Mobile Citizen’s mobile internet as a platform for delivering critical teaching, information and resource-sharing. Its constituents are benefiting by staying engaged, and ahead of our ever-changing information world. Its constituents are benefiting by staying engaged, and ahead of our ever-changing information world.