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in Increasing Internet Access, Protecting Public Airwaves

While the coronavirus pandemic has taught America about how entertaining puzzles and baking bread can be, it has also exposed how dependent we are on broadband and how far too many Americans – especially students – lack access at home. Two weeks ago, Congress passed historic legislation called the CARES Act to respond to the

in Making Grants

Led by people of color, immigrants and refugees, rural communities, and people experiencing poverty, Voqal grantee, Unite Oregon Action works across Oregon to build a unified intercultural movement for justice. With support from Voqal, Unite Oregon Action built a strong base of community leaders fighting for real electoral system reform in 2019, including a Small

in Offering Fellowships

Voqal knows that taking risks with innovative, progressive ideas is necessary to advance social change. The Voqal Fellowship is an investment in people as individuals and budding entrepreneurs; a talent accelerator aimed at giving those often overlooked by traditional funders a chance to enact their visions at center stage. This year’s cohort was fortunate to

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Check out the latest post on the #makingairwaves blog from Voqal's @colwellmark to learn how the CARES Act helps ad…
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