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in Making Grants

In this month’s grantmaking spotlight, Voqal’s direct of grantmaking, Brenda Williams-Sears celebrates the upcoming Mad Hatter Day with a thank you to nonprofit professionals and the many hats they wear. When Lewis Carroll created the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland in the mid-1800s, mercury was used in the manufacturing of felt hats. This caused

in Protecting Public Airwaves

The Schools, Health & Libraries Broadband (SHLB) Coalition is one of the leading advocates for expanding broadband to anchor institutions. It is one of the reasons why Voqal and Mobile Citizen are members of SHLB and find so much value in the organization. October 16-18, SHLB will be hosting its ninth annual conference, AnchorNets in

in Making Grants

Voqal is excited to announce six grants to organizations working in Chicago to strengthen the community through progressive organizing and media. The grants of $50,000 to Grassroots Illinois Action, $50,000 to One People’s Campaign, $50,000 to City Bureau, $50,000 to The People’s Lobby, $50,000 to Asian American Midwest Progressives and $25,000 to The Hoodoisie reflect

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In the latest post on the #makingairwaves blog, Voqal's director of grantmaking, @BrendaAisha celebrates the upcomi…
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