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in Investing for Educational Impact

Voqal believes that an educated population is necessary to achieve a more socially equitable world. Unfortunately, our education system often time suffers from the same inequities we are trying to address in the rest of our work. To address this problem we created the Education Opportunity Project (EOP). More specifically, the EOP exists to address

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Voqal believes that a socially equitable world is impossible without a community that is engaged in our democracy. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is at the ballot box. Whether it’s electing officials that represent your community and its interests or voting on ballot measures aimed at improving your everyday life, voting

in Offering Fellowships

There are still a few weeks left to apply for the 2022 Voqal Fellowship (applications close October 31)! Voqal’s Fellowship is an investment in you as a person and a budding entrepreneur. It is a talent and startup accelerator that targets those historically left on the outside for a chance to enact their vision at

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