Our Work

As a collective of EBS licensees, Voqal is committed to using the airwaves to benefit the public. With resources afforded by spectrum use agreements, we expand internet access, make grants and impact investments, offer fellowships and protect the public airwaves.

At Voqal we believe the status quo in educational philanthropy is not enough to shift the tide. We believe education is embedded in a society so unequal and so inequitable that broader change is needed if the education system is to work as it needs to. Our programs are grounded in education and are often aimed at the root causes that bar access to knowledge both in and out of traditional brick and mortar institutions.

We focus directly on education by helping ensure teachers in rural Kansas have access to the internet. We also support bold entrepreneurs by taking a chance on a start-up that connects rural school children with professionals in the STEAM industry. And this is just two examples of our work. One of our key projects, Mobile Citizen, is working to bridge the digital divide by partnering with schools and local community organizations that are doing the hard work in the neighborhoods that most need it, day in and day out.

All of our work is powered by EBS and in pursuit of an educated and engaged public. Learn more about some of our recent efforts below.

Featured Grantees

Expanding Access to Immigrant Families

A Plus Kids is using Voqal initiative Mobile Citizen’s mobile internet as a platform for delivering critical teaching, information and resource-sharing. Its constituents are benefiting by staying engaged, and ahead of our ever-changing information world.

Its constituents are benefiting by staying engaged, and ahead of our ever-changing information world.

Campaign Finance Reform in Seattle

Getting money out of politics is something that an increasing number of Americans are getting behind. The problem is, the issue seems so monumental at times that many people don’t think it can be done. Rather than flinch at such a challenge, Voqal actively set out to find and support organizations addressing the issue.

Honest Elections Seattle, a coalition of individuals and community organizations working together to ensure everyone has the opportunity to have his or her voice heard, not just the wealthy and political elite, had a plan.

Researching Media Impact

Voqal was the primary funder of an innovative research project led by Harvard University Professor Gary King that found small media outlets can have a dramatic impact on the national conversation about major public policy issues such as employment, immigration and the environment.

Democracy thrives on an informed, empowered and engaged public. Professor King’s study is an urgent call to all of us to seek out and support quality journalism.