Our Story

Voqal is a national collaboration of EBS (Educational Broadband Service) licensees. We use our position as stewards of a public resource — EBS spectrum — to build an educated and engaged public.

Voqal makes grants and impact investments, expands internet access and digital equity, offers fellowships and works to protect the public airwaves. Our efforts focus on the education and enrichment of all, not just those who are well-off socially, economically and politically.

Since our beginnings in 1983 providing free instructional video programming to schools to recent efforts to support change-makers in education, Voqal has strived to fulfill the mission of EBS. While some Voqal programs serve what many would consider traditional educational entities like K-12 schools, Voqal embraces a broader view of education and aims to ensure equal access to knowledge to foster a stronger, healthier democracy. Our programs are often aimed at the root causes that bar access to knowledge both in and out of traditional brick and mortar institutions.

In 1963, the Federal Government reserved EBS for schools and nonprofits. Voqal believes that this public resource should be used to power an educated and engaged public.