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Recent Press Releases

3/16/17 Voqal Fund
Voqal Announces New Grant to Oregon Progressive Fund

3/8/17 Voqal Fund
Voqal Announces New Grants to Minnesota Organizations 2017

11/7/16 Mobile Citizen
The National Digital Inclusion Alliance Launches Digital Inclusion Trailblazers Together With Mobile Citizen

9/6/16 Voqal Fellowship
Applications are Open for the 2017 Voqal Fellowship

8/31/16 Voqal Fund
Voqal Announces New Grants to Portland Organizations

8/23/16 Voqal Fund
Voqal Announces New Grants for Social Change

8/16/16 Voqal Fund
Voqal Announces New Grants to Denver Organizations

8/11/16 Voqal Fund
Voqal Announces New Grants to Chicago Organizations

7/28/16 | Voqal Fund
Voqal Announces New Grants to Twin Cities Organizations

5/24/16 Voqal
Voqal Joins with 59 Companies and Grassroots Groups to Push FCC on Zero-Rating

1/29/16 | Mobile Citizen
Court Grants Motion By Nonprofits and Sprint to Extend WiMax Service Through March

1/19/16 | Voqal Fellowship
2016 Voqal Fellows Announced

11/17/15 | Mobile Citizen
Philadelphians Protest Sprint’s Plan to Cut Internet to 300,000 Vulnerable Americans

11/16/15 | Mobile Citizen
Tuesday: Philadelphians Protest Sprint Plan to Cut Internet to 300,000

11/11/15 | Mobile Citizen
Thursday: Petition Delivery to Sprint Protesting Its Plan to Cut Internet to 300,000

11/10/15 | Mobile Citizen
Judge Rejects Sprint’s Effort to Continue Internet Shutdown, Force Nonprofits to Post $65 Million Bond

11/5/15 | Mobile Citizen
Sprint Shutdown Suspended: Nonprofits Win Preliminary Injunction, Protect Internet for 300,000 Americans

11/2/15 | Mobile Citizen
Tues: Sprint in Court to Defend Plan to Shutdown 300,000 Americans’ Internet

10/26/15 | Mobile Citizen
Nonprofits Seek Emergency Injunction to Stop Sprint’s Shutdown and Keep 300,000 Americans Online

10/14/15 | Mobile Citizen
Sprint to Cut 300,000 Americans’ Broadband Access, Lawsuit Charges

10/6/15 | Voqal Fellowship
Applications Open for Voqal Fellowship

6/25/15 | Voqal Education
Passionate Education Reformer Joins Voqal Team

2/6/15 | Mobile Citizen
Mobile Citizen Weighs in on “The State of School Technology” in Minnesota

9/11/14 | Mobile Citizen
Start-Up Star Cassie Bair Joins Voqal Team

8/27/14 | Voqal Fund
Two Top Talents Join Voqal Team