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FCC Eliminates Eligibility Rules for EBS

Rules passed by the FCC eliminating the educational requirement for Educational Broadband Service (EBS) go into effect, essentially eliminating the educational benefits of the 2.5 GHz spectrum band.

Voqal Releases First Strategic Plan

Voqal embarks on its first-ever strategic plan focused on four key areas: equitable and unrestricted access to information, political power for those who have traditionally had power used against them, an excellent and equitable system of public education, and enhancing Voqal capabilities.

Voqal Launches DEI Program

Voqal launches internal Diversity, Equity and Inclusiuon (DEI) program aimed at better aligning external and internal values.

Voqal Launches Campaign to Save EBS

Voqal launches a campaign aimed at maintaining the educational purpose of Educational Broadband Service (EBS) spectrum.

Voqal Supports Seven Successful Ballot Measures

Voqal supports seven successful ballot iniatives aimed at creating a more engaged and empowered public.

FCC Announces NPRM Aimed at Transforming EBS

The FCC issues a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) aimed at dramatically transforming the EBS band.

Voqal Begins Education Opportunity Project

In an effort to better focus its work to address the opportunity gap, Voqal begins the Education Opportunity Project.

Voqal launches Techquity Fellowship

Voqal partners with the Rockwood Leadership Institute to launch the Voqal Techquity Fellowship in an effort to create a more equitable tech sector

Voqal awards Mobile R&D funding for progressive change

Voqal announces the first-ever recipients of its Mobile R&D Program: Online SOS and Parents Together in an effort to further advance progressive change.

Mobile Citizen launches Street Ready program

Mobile Citizen creates Street Ready program to provide temporary, free mobile internet to help amplify the organizing and crisis response efforts of qualifying nonprofits.

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