Voqal Grantee Spotlight: COLOR Action Fund

Voqal grantmaking is deeply committed to racial and social justice, investing in leaders, organizations, and movements that are closest to injustice. Many of the organizations we support are focused on community organizing and public policy advocacy. The ultimate goal of our grantmaking is to build the capacity of communities to win political power and we prioritize funding communities who have traditionally had power used against them.

This month we take a look at Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights Action Fund (COLOR AF), a grantee that works to create intergenerational opportunity and leadership in the Latinx community.

COLOR AF puts tools in the hands of people to ensure everyone can be active in working with public officials to influence policy change. It works to elect people who support its mission and holds those elected officials accountable to the Latinx community.

Some of the goals of COLOR AF include:

  • Advancing a political climate that promotes access to the full range of reproductive health care services.
  • Increasing the number of elected Reproductive Justice champions.
  • Holding elected officials at all levels accountable for their actions on Reproductive Justice issues.
  • Engaging Latinx families and allies in reproductive health and justice issues and actions.

COLOR AF works to achieve these goals through issue advocacy and lobbying, community organizing and engagement, accountability, and candidate endorsements and electoral programming.

Issue Advocacy and Lobbying
COLOR AF works to oppose policies that cause harm and advance policies that meet its community’s needs. By activating volunteers to contact elected officials, building cross movement coalitions, and maintaining a presence at the state legislature COLOR AF makes an impact on key legislation.

Community Organizing and Engagement
By investing in creating an active, growing network of base leaders, COLOR AF leverages its collective strength and brings young and Latinx people’s voices into the political process.

COLOR AF keeps people informed about the statements and actions of elected and appointed officials. Using traditional and social media, as well as community organizing, to share information, COLOR AF holds decision makers accountable.

Candidate Endorsements and Electoral Programming
Using a Reproductive Justice Framework, COLOR AF contributes directly to campaigns via the COLOR AF Small Donor Committee.

COLOR AF’s work ensures that Latinx individuals and their families are able to lead safe, healthy, and self-determined lives. We are honored to be able to support this important work.

Learn more on the COLOR AF website.