1 Day Till Shutdown: Internet is Critical for Special Needs Students

November 5, 2015

Today’s Mobile Citizen story features Boulder Preparatory High School in Boulder, Colo. Only 1 day left till the shutdown. Sign our petition today.

In less than 24 hours, Sprint will shutdown broadband access to special needs students at Boulder Preparatory High School. Special Education Teacher Regina Keeley’s students rely on high-speed Internet to access their courses online.

“Many work at night or the weekends to make up classes or for extra credit,” she said. “And for our low-income students that still don’t have Internet at home, this service is extra important.”

Keeley teaches in a “flipped classroom,” meaning she produces online lectures from home so she is available in the classroom to provide her students the hands-on assistance they need. Their ability to download online lectures, as well as make up coursework and access related materials, depends on unlimited Internet access.

“It is a critical component in my work and in my special needs students’ learning,” Keeley said.

If you believe special needs students at Boulder Preparatory High School and across the country deserve Internet access critical to learning, please sign our petition.

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