—TOGETHER— Time, Space, Tables and Chairs: Collected Fragments of Dreams and Realities

Woman blowing new world bubble

During the 2022 Voqal Fellowship convening, Voqal was once again honored to have poet, Molina Speaks, document the meeting through a process called Live Scribe Poetics. This year’s poem reflects the cohort and the work it hopes to accomplish during its fellowship. The first part of the poem is below. 

Time, Space, Tables and Chairs:
Collected Fragments of Dreams and Realities

a Live Scribe Poetic Reflection by Adrian H Molina as inspired by Voqal Fellows 2022 Cohort

The Table is set with water and an abundance of food.
Pull up a chair and be the muse.
There are roadmaps for us to create, together.

Let us ground in time and space, and let us be water: human.
We will practice the expansion and contraction of time: universal,
zooming in and out of history and future, with an eye on the planets,
with an ear to the frequencies, for we are literally sound vibration.
We will ask ourselves and each other if we can bend time and space?

Are we comfortable when the agenda gets shredded and amended
while we are in the process of being human, together?
Do we know how to re-stitch it? (Time)
Can we heal the ancestors? Yes.
For we are water, and water holds memory.
Water holds ancestral rhythms, libations. Rhyme.
In an era of mass deception and illusion,
how can we be sure that an endeavor is worth our time?

Jupiter is said to hold the power in 2022.
Flood the zone with art, imagery, vibration, feeling.

Uranus is said to hold the power in 2024.
Refine the concepts, and implement the plans.

Saturn is said to hold the power in 2026.
Focus on form, and build the tangible structures.

But the deepest answers are within us, and among us.

We come from legacies of untouchables, former slaves, campesino farmers,
prison escapees, immigrants, first generations, laborers, artists, activists
and ancient knowledge.

We see that “there are supremacies that exist which are not white supremacy
…but they feed into white supremacy.” This is a human problem.

We face the extension and continuance of caste systems,
of slavery and genocide, things we must name and acknowledge,
of perceptions of racial purity, of violence, of reproductions of history,
repackaged and re-marketed, mass produced and manufactured for eternal superiority.
Which is nothing new. It is very old: “Indigenous practices
appropriated to oppress indigenous peoples.”

We are ready for multi-dimensional conversations and realities.
We observe that Anything is possible, and Everything is made up.
Know that “your stars are not fucked up.”
Know that your karma is purely your actions in real time.

So live well, be voqal in your truth, and build another world.

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