17 Days till Shutdown: We Need Modern Speeds for Modern Learning

October 20, 2015

Today’s Mobile Citizen story features Explore Knowledge Academy in Las Vegas. Only 17 days left till the shutdown. Sign our petition today.

Explore Knowledge Academy is a K-10 charter school that provides personalized learning through educational discovery. The school’s curriculum is built around a 1:1 computer program — a program that would be useless without robust Internet access.

Losing the ability to provide high-speed Internet access to students would create a roadblock to modern learning, according to Education Technology Administrator Nathan Bolton.

“If the Internet is slow, so is our process, and that would mean us having to set the laptops aside and go back to the chalkboard,” Bolton said.

Outside the classroom, Explore Knowledge Academy uses the Internet to keep students safe. Wireless communication allows teachers and students to coordinate after-school pickups with parents lined up for blocks, a process that could be chaotic and dangerous otherwise.

If you agree that the students, teachers, parents, and community members working together at Explore Knowledge Academy deserve robust Internet access to facilitate learning and keep students safe, please sign our petition.

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