2018 Voqal Fellowship Spotlight: Alicia Nieves

March 8, 2018

The Voqal Fellowship is an investment in a new generation of social entrepreneurs interested in launching their next “big idea” aimed at increasing equity for those who are least well off politically, economically and/or socially. Fellows receive financial resources and mentoring to help bring that early stage idea to life.

This month we take our first in-depth look at the latest cohort of Voqal Fellows with a spotlight on Alicia Nieves and her project Streetwide.

Nieves project Streetwide is a nonprofit project leveraging technology and data for immigrant communities. Streetwide’s awarding-winning software allows allies and impacted communities to work together to deliver emotional and legal support to individuals and their loved ones impacted by immigration arrest and deportation. Nieves is working closely with immigrant communities across the country to understand how technology and data can be used to create and sustain community-led emergency response infrastructure for the growing number of individuals and families affected by this crisis.

Before founding Streetwide, Nieves was a legal fellow with Justfix.nyc, a housing tech nonprofit in New York City where she helped low-income tenants use the Justfix web application to build affirmative legal cases against their neglectful and abusive landlords.

Nieves is a 2016 graduate of New York University School of Law, where she was a Latina/o Human Rights Scholar and staff editor for the NYU Journal of Legislation and Public Policy. Her previous work experience includes positions at the NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, New Economy Project, Atl.Legal and FWD.us. Her work centers on developing technology and protocols for mobilizing disadvantaged communities.

Learn more about the Voqal Fellowship and the rest of the 2018 Voqal Fellows on the Voqal Fellowship webpage.