9 Days till Shutdown: Our Teachers Expect Reliability in and out of Classrooms

October 28, 2015

Today’s Mobile Citizen story features Denver Public Schools. Only 9 days left till the shutdown. Sign our petition today.

The faculty and staff in the Denver Public Schools system are grateful for a robust and reliable wireless Internet network. Traveling outside of the network, however, can present challenges.

That’s where Mobile Citizen’s modems bridge the divide. When sending groups of teachers, 100 at a time, offsite to participate in a student learning program, the school system depends on 20 modems to keep the teachers connected as they complete their professional development.

Kirk Anderson, Denver Public School’s Director of Educational Technology, said these groups require the same level of service they have at school in order to do their work offsite.

“Our teachers have come to expect this degree of reliability in the classroom,” Anderson said. “There is no reason they shouldn’t expect the same beyond the classroom.”

If you agree Denver Public School teachers should remain connected, please sign our petition.

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