A Poetic Profile of the 2019 Voqal Fellows: Issue Voters

May 1, 2019

After a brief break, we’re back with another installment of this year’s Voqal Fellowship poem, Cooperative and Collaborative Politics of Change. As a reminder, this poem was created by Adrian H. Molina through a process called Live Scribe Poetics that took place during the Fellowship convening back in January.

V. Issue Voters

In an age of zeros and ones
people are still hungry for information.
There are endless potholes and sinkholes
along the superhighway
where human communication reigns thin.

Everyone has an issue.
Everyday people make the news.
We create the information,
shaping views of family and friends.

We are interconnected and lonely,
incredibly popular and insecure,
perpetually unprecedented,
simultaneously outdated,
overstimulated and underfed.

The largest voting block claims not to read.
Is this true? Text and video are the tools
because they hold momentary attention.
How does this translate to a vote?
Is it true that people are disinterested?
Is the issue not caring?
Or is the issue not believing?
Right brain, can you crack the code?

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