Advancing Civil Rights and Liberties

May  21, 2019

The ACLU of Colorado is the state’s oldest and largest civil rights organization. It protects, defends and extends the civil rights and liberties of all people in Colorado through litigation, education and advocacy. With support from Voqal, it advanced a legislative agenda that led to increased protections for vulnerable communities.

Despite a difficult political environment, ACLU of Colorado experienced a number of important victories for civic rights in Colorado, especially those of individuals currently in the criminal justice system. It not only advanced policies that will help ensure individuals involved in the criminal justice system have better access to voter registration, but it also made it easier for those in county jails to access a voting ballot.

In addition, it successfully advocated for funding for the Division of Youth Services to provide bras for their female inmates. In the past, the division has either not provided bras or provided inadequate ones. As a result of this modest budget increase, young women under the care of the division are now provided appropriate undergarments as needed. The ACLU, working with one of its champions in the legislature, was able to secure these funds prior to the introduction of the state budget.

While the 2018 legislative session proved to be a difficult one due to the political climate created by the looming election season, ACLU of Colorado was able to successfully advance a number of policies aimed at protecting the rights of Colorado’s citizens. Voqal is proud to have supported this work and looks forward to the continued preservation of civil rights and liberties made possible by ACLU of Colorado and its partners.