Black Youth Project’s GenForward Amplifies the Voices of Millennials of Color

October 6, 2017

The Black Youth Project is a platform that highlights the voices and ideas of Black millennials. Through knowledge, voice and action, it works to empower and uplift the lived experiences of young Black Americans today. It is the preeminent research body for survey and respondent data concerning Black Americans ages 18-30. It also features high quality and engaging content which highlights the diversity of this generation. Thanks to support from Voqal, the Black Youth Project successfully built GenForward, a survey panel that highlights and amplifies the voices of millennials of color.

GenForward is currently the only standing panel to include oversamples of African American, Latinx and Asian American millennials. It provides researchers, advocates, journalists and activists with a unique opportunity to effectively monitor the political attitudes, experiences and actions of young people — especially young people of color.

GenForward received extensive media attention not only from the Associated Press but from numerous other media sources both nationally and internationally. More importantly, people are starting to look at GenForward data as the go-to source for understanding millennials. This exposure ensures that influencers in policy, media and advocacy have access to credible and reliable research on young adult preferences. Black Youth Project is shifting the narrative about millennials of color and inserting their policy preferences and political attitudes into the national political discourse.

The Black Youth Project’s work to better record the voice of young millennials of color is an important step to creating a more empowered and engaged society. Voqal strongly supports these efforts towards creating a more socially equitable world and looks forward to the continued success of the Black Youth Project.