Building Long-Term Momentum on Immigrant Issues in Oregon

May 22, 2015

Causa Oregon advocates for policies that promote stability for Latino immigrant communities across the state. A primary source of insecurity for Latino families is the inability to obtain driver ID cards. That’s why Voqal Fund supported Causa’s vigorous campaign in favor of Oregon’s Measure 88, the Driver Card Law.

Although the measure was ultimately defeated, Causa made great strides gaining public support through its “100 Days of Stories” project. The stories highlight impossible choices most Americans never have to face, like choosing to drive a sick child to the doctor knowing you could be pulled over and arrested for driving without a license.

Causa’s work not only garnered compassion for immigrant communities among the electorate, it also produced over 10,000 newly-registered voters from some of the most underrepresented segments in society. These accomplishments will certainly lead to a more favorable public attitude when immigrant issues appear on future Oregon ballots.