Case Study: Feeding America serves more by saving money

A dollar saved on mobile Internet provides eight meals

Feeding America‘s mission is to feed the hungry through a nationwide network of more than 200 food banks serving all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Through food pantries, soup kitchens and other agencies, Feeding America helps secure and distribute more than 3 billion pounds of food and grocery products annually with a highly mobile staff.  In fact, approximately one third of Feeding America’s national office staff are on the go, working with food banks, agencies and advocates on the road to raise awareness of the issue of hunger in the United States.

And with all those devices and all that mobility, mobile Internet costs were adding up.

Feeding America Senior Vice President Kevin Lutz looked at the organization’s mobile Internet bills and realized he could save 75% by working with Mobile Citizen, a low-cost mobile Internet provider for nonprofits.

“Our research shows that for every dollar raised, we can provide eight meals to the people we serve.  That also means for every dollar saved by reducing our mobile Internet costs, that’s money that can go to help feed someone in need in our community – and that is our ultimate goal.”

Kevin Lutz, Senior Vice President Feeding America


Feeding America has built a clear case for mobile Internet as a tool to reduce costs, empower mobile staff and cost-effectively back up mission critical operations.  Here’s how:

Cost-effective access for at home staff

Feeding America has many staff whom work from home and low-cost Internet service was more cost-effective than other at home service providers.  Making the switch to Mobile Citizen was an immediate cost savings.

Internet access enables mobile staff

  • Staff assisting food banks and agencies need access to Feeding America’s email, SharePoint and many other applications designed to empower the food bank network.
  • Feeding America’s Compliance and Capability Development team works with food banks nationwide consulting with them to help transform them from good to great. Quick and easy access to their systems from any location is key to their success.
  • Philanthropy staff regularly travel the country to meet with donors. Using their own mobile hotspots making them less reliant on Wi-Fi networks at hotels or cafes.

Cost-effective back up for mission critical operations

One aspect of Feeding America’s mission is to provide assistance during disasters. As a result, it’s important for their operations to be resilient to disasters so that they can serve their neighbors in need. Mobile Citizen’s Internet service provides a low cost back up alternative where it is was too expensive to install a second hardwired Internet line.