Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

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Each year, Americans recognize National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15, by celebrating the histories, cultures, and contributions of Americans whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. To help celebrate this important month, we are highlighting a few of our grantees that are centered in and are building power for these communities.

Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA)
LUCHA is led by changemakers fighting for social, racial, and economic transformation. It is committed to human dignity, inclusion, equity, and collective growth. It works to reclaim shared power alongside its families and community. While LUCHA works for all Arizona residents, it is heavily grounded in Arizona’s Latinx community and works on many issues that are important to that community.

Since 2010, LUCHA has been mobilizing, organizing, and empowering Arizona’s working class, people of color that live in some of Arizona’s most vulnerable communities. It has gone from marching in the streets to the front steps of the Capitol to passing the historic law that raised Arizona’s minimum wage in 2016. It is currently working to pass a People’s First Economy.

Mi Familia Vota
Mi Familia Vota builds Latino political power by expanding the electorate, strengthening local infrastructures, and through year-round voter engagement. It also trains the next generation of leaders by opening opportunities through its Youth Development Programs and through its Mi Familia Vota work.

It is strategically located in states with some of the highest Latino populations but works to identify and serve communities where Latino participation in the electoral process is lacking. It advocates year-round on critically important issues that affect the Latino community in the fields of immigration, voting rights, the environment, workers’ rights, education, and health care.

Latino Network Action Fund
Latino Network Action Fund is made up of fearless leaders constantly fighting against anti-immigrant and xenophobic rhetoric.

Its leaders are prepared to hold Oregon to its promise of supporting and welcoming immigrants by championing those that truly represent the interest of the Latino community and of others that are currently and historically underrepresented.

Whether it is at Oregon’s state capitol or city and county halls, inside the classroom, outside Oregon’s courthouses, or strengthening Oregon’s sanctuary promise – it strives to take the lead from the state’s Black Immigrants, Indigenous leaders, and immigrants of color to create a better Oregon for all.

While many of the grantees Voqal helps support are from the Latino/x community, we recognize that the communities celebrated during National Hispanic Month come from a broad and diverse number of Spanish-speaking countries. We encourage you to check out the official National Hispanic Heritage Month website to learn more about these communities and how you can help celebrate all who identify with this important part of America’s diverse tapestry.