The State of the Chicago Mobile Learning Landscape

By Gabrielle H. Lyon, on behalf of Voqal

The aim of this paper is to report on the feasibility of creating of a mobile learning initiative for students in Chicago, with a focus on engaging and empowering learners from disenfranchised populations.

To that end, the landscape of existing activities and opportunities in Chicago, the context for investing in mobile learning and potential partners and projects for investment are all explored.

The following specific questions shaped this effort:

  1. What is unique about mobile learning?
  2. What do successful national/non-Chicago mobile learning efforts look like? What lessons can be gleaned?
  3. What are current mobile learning initiatives in Chicago? What are the ways that people and communities in Chicago can teach each other using mobile learning methods and technologies? What approaches to mobile learning efforts in Chicago are educationally sound as opposed to faddish?
  4. How can mobile learning be used to serve disenfranchised populations in Chicago?
  5. What recommendations can be offered about impactful investing in mobile learning in Chicago with a particular emphasis on engaging learners from disenfranchised groups?

Interest in investing in mobile learning with a particular focus on engaging and empowering learners from disenfranchised populations is timely and particularly relevant.

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