Community Radio KGNU Enhances Its Online Presence with New Web Infrastructure

May 31, 2016

KGNU is an independent, non-commercial radio station serving the Boulder/Denver metropolitan area. Its mission is to stimulate, educate, and entertain its listeners, to reflect the diversity of its community, and to provide a channel for issues and music that do not receive adequate representation in other media. To help achieve this goal, Voqal recently provide KGNU with financial support to update its web infrastructure and allow KGNU to continue providing high quality radio and engagement to its listeners.

This update included three components. First, it aimed to redesign, update and upgrade KGNU’s infrastructure to ensure a dynamic and responsive web presence. Second, this project focused on integrating all three of KGNU’s websites (, and to better support cross promotion, forward promotion, archive promotion and improved online donation capabilities. Finally, it looked to upgrade and integrate computer servers to support all of KGNU’s websites and the servers’ streaming, recording and backup capabilities. These changes are vital to providing the web foundation needed to effectively adapt to the ever changing technological landscape of community radio.

KGNU will share many of the lessons they have learned from this update at the National Federation of Community Broadcasters 40th Community Media Conference June 8-11 in Denver. Its plans to use innovative web platforms like Audience Engine and Spinitron to modernize its web presence will not only increase KGNU’s effectiveness at reaching its community, but also has the potential to serve as a model for other community-based radio stations. Co-hosting this conference will serve as an important first step in making that happen. Voqal is a strong supporter of expanding access to innovative media like community radio and looks forward to seeing KGNU continue to expand its reach in this important area.