Education Opportunity Project Spotlight: Capita

Image Description: Capita logo consisting of the word capita all lowercase.

At Voqal, we believe fair and equitable access to education is vital to achieving true social equity. It was with this idea in mind that the Education Opportunity Project (EOP) was created. Furthermore, the EOP understands that the opportunity gap is the most pervasive and damaging problem in the U.S. educational system. We also believe that addressing this complex and multi-faceted problem cannot be achieved through any one solution. Innovative solutions that address specific opportunity gap-related problems should be coupled with systemic change initiatives informed through rigorous research and experimentation. As a result, the EOP seeks to measurably reduce educational opportunity gaps by providing capital and strategic advice to entrepreneurs and organizations working to improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged populations. In this month’s Education Opportunity Spotlight we highlight one of those organizations, Capita.

Launched in 2018, Capita is a creative space to explore how the great cultural and social transformations of today affect young children and to tackle the interrelated problems that prevent society from taking a holistic and effective approach to meeting the needs of children and families, particularly those furthest from opportunity.

Capita is actively working to change both the narrative and the outcomes concerning human flourishing. It provides insight into pressing challenges and great transformations to leaders, thinkers, innovators, and all those working to positively change the future for children and families. It invests in the work of journalists, artists, scholars, philosophers, social scientists, and other creatives who are writing the story of our children’s future. It convenes free-thinking, cross-sector leaders working for a brighter future for all young children and families. Finally, it helps policymakers think beyond the next election, plan for the future, and build a more just, diverse society.

Capita is upending the common notion of the social policy “think tank” by not mining policy proposals utilizing an ideological standpoint. Rather, Capita’s north star is to focus on what has the potential to advance human flourishing, the definition of which was determined through a careful and deliberative process from across the political and policy continuum. Its process is thorough and transparent, emphasizing positive collaboration over the negative competitive environment that frequently animates many of the policy discussions and proposals today.

Capita’s notion of human flourishing has factored heavily into the Education Opportunity Project’s education strategy for addressing opportunity gaps and its consistently impressive work is helping shape the EOP’s programmatic approach. We are honored to continue to support Capita’s groundbreaking work and look forward to their continued efforts to create a more accessible and equitable education system for all.

You can learn more about Capita and its work at