Education Opportunity Project Spotlight: Maro

Image Description: Maro Logo which consists of a white apostrophe mark on a yellow background.

Ensuring everyone has equitable access to educational opportunities is something we believe strongly in at Voqal. To help advance this idea, we created the Education Opportunity Project. This program exists to help measurably reduce educational opportunity gaps by providing capital and strategic advice to entrepreneurs and organizations working to improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged populations. This month we take a look at one of the organizations leading the way in this space, maro.

Maro offers a comprehensive suite of tools to distribute high-quality, digital content covering mental, sexual, and physical health topics. The company is addressing the market gap in providing relevant, factual, complete, and engaging content in the areas of mental, physical, and sexual health for late elementary and middle school-aged children. The team has developed strong partnerships with subject-matter expert organizations and individuals to compile evidence-based and age-appropriate information. That information is turned into digestible, engaging, and bite-sized content including videos, comics, and games, making challenging conversations easy to navigate.

Maro also provides parents with the skills they need to have these conversations with their children. It helps parents to:

Learn from leading child development experts.
Maro gives parents access to a full library of over 200 chapters on everything from talking to their child about anxiety, puberty, consent, and more.

Get the support they need.
Maro recognizes that kids need support and so do their parents. It provides important answers to the questions no one else is answering.

Understand and track their child’s development.
Maro provides a way for parents to detect behavioral warning signs early with an app-based journal designed to support kids with behavioral and mental health concerns.

At Voqal, we take a holistic view of education and recognize that not all educational progress happens in the classroom. Organizations like maro exemplify this idea and are leading the way to ensure all families have the resources they need to access an equitable educational ecosystem. We are honored to support their cutting-edge work and look forward to their continued progress to ensure parents and children continue to have the important conversations needed for educational success.