Education Opportunity Project Spotlight: PAIRIN


We believe that the opportunity gap is the most pervasive and damaging problem in the U.S. educational system. Furthermore, addressing this complex and multi-faceted problem cannot be achieved through any one solution. With this in mind, the Education Opportunity Project seeks to measurably reduce educational opportunity gaps by providing capital and strategic advice to entrepreneurs and organizations working to improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged populations. This month we highlight the work of one of those companies, PAIRIN.

PAIRIN seeks to make everyone’s journey more relevant and equitable by unifying workforce and education. More specifically, PAIRIN unifies the essential content and resources provided by workforce programs, government, and educational organizations into one integrated workforce platform designed for and around the user. PAIRIN’s science-based technology and personalized approach to client service ensure not only the success of its clients’ programs but also the success of people in their communities who benefit most from skills-based development and career services.

Its My Journey platform enables organizations to more effectively deliver career guidance, skills development, and tailored community services through one easy-to-implement and easy-to-use solution. It works across industries to unify services and help ensure every person reaches their potential.

According to Chairman and CEO of PAIRIN, Michael Simpson,

“PAIRIN was founded on the belief that all people have amazing value, but most of us never realize our potential. People are too often put into ill-fitting boxes, told we can’t, won’t and will never be able to attain our dreams. Many people hear this so much they never even dream big, or pursue their goals as if they are truly attainable. At PAIRIN, this is something we want to change.” 

The educational opportunity gap won’t be closed overnight. Fortunately, organizations like PAIRIN give us hope that progress is being made towards creating the equitable educational system envisioned by Voqal. Learn more about the Education Opportunity Project and the organizations it supports on our investing for educational impact page.