Education Opportunity Project Spotlight: Partnership for the Future of Learning

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Voqal believes an educated population is vital for a healthy, thriving democracy. Furthermore, we believe that all individuals deserve equitable access to that education. It’s for these reasons that Voqal’s Educational Opportunity Project exists. The Education Opportunity Project seeks to measurably reduce educational opportunity gaps by providing capital and strategic advice to entrepreneurs and organizations working to improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged populations. This month we highlight the work of one of those organizations, the Partnership for the Future of Learning.

The Partnership for the Future of Learning protects, strengthens, and advances education equity and meaningful learning — and supports the policies and practices needed to get there. It brings together a diverse network of individuals and organizations with a deep commitment to an equitable, high-quality, public education system. Together, they promote policies to improve this system and call attention to schools that are making learning rigorous, relevant, engaging, and available for every student. In other words, it seeks to strengthen the public education system for each and every student by amplifying the places where powerful learning is happening now.

The Education Opportunity Project supported the Partnership for the Future of Learning’s creation of Fund Education Instead. This interactive web tool allows users to compare what government expenditures could do for their public education system. It enables everyday citizens to learn about the various ways education is funded and gives them the opportunity to learn about and address the inequities that plague the current system of education funding.

Efforts to expose and address the inequities in our education system are vital to moving toward a more equitable education system for all. We are proud to support leaders in this space like the Partnership for the Future of Learning and look forward to its continued work to make education more accessible to all.

You can learn more about the current work of the Partnership for the Future of Learning at