Education Opportunity Project Spotlight: Sown to Grow

Sown to Grow Logo

Voqal hopes to educate and engage the public to foster a stronger, healthier democracy. Furthermore, we believe that the opportunity gap is the most pervasive and damaging problem in the U.S. educational system. In order to address this problem, the Education Opportunity Project provides capital and strategic advice to entrepreneurs and organizations working to improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged populations. This month we highlight the work of one of those organizations, Sown to Grow.

Sown To Grow is a goal-setting and reflection platform that builds better, more confident learners. Students set learning goals, track their own progress, and write reflections on the strategies that work best for them. Teachers set expectations, monitor growth, and provide feedback on reflections. Founder and CEO of Sown to Grow, Rupa Gupta, created the platform to help students feel more engaged and excited about their learning.

Sown to Grow supports a growth mindset and student agency in learning with a focus on low-income schools. Students feel more ownership over their own learning when they set academic goals, track their grades and performance on those goals. Through this process, students better understand that their effort and strategies lead to learning and meeting their academic goals.

As we’ve discussed in the past, we strongly believe that social and emotional learning is a key component of addressing existing educational opportunity gaps. Sown to Grow’s focus on key social-emotional traits of self-efficacy, self-determination, persistence, and resilience is exactly the kind of work the Education Opportunity Projects believes is key to creating the more equitable education system this country needs.

We are proud to support such an important and impactful organization and look forward to Sown to Grow’s continued efforts to give students the skills they need to succeed in the modern educational landscape.

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