Exploring how Corporations are Controlling our Democracy and our Food

Jan. 23, 2015

Making Contact, an independent media outlet, together with ALEC-Exposed and Food Democracy Now, used a grant from Voqal Fund to explore the undue influence of “big agriculture and bio-tech” on both our democracy and our dinner plates.

Calling the effort “What the Fork?!?: Corporations, Food and Democracy,” the collaboration of radio, online and print publications published an extensive series of radio segments; investigative articles on GMOs, pesticides and corporate influence; and data-based reporting on the influence of corporate money on the food we eat.

Highlights of the reporting on this complex issue included several audio pieces providing background on the issues and on electoral battles in Hawaii and Oregon and an interactive infographic detailing financial contribution of the “Big 6” ag corporations

The entire project can be viewed on the wtfcorporations Website.