FSTV Leverages Data to Deliver Programming Aimed at Fostering Social Change

December 9, 2016


Free Speech TV (FSTV) a national, independent news network committed to advancing progressive social change. As an alternative to television networks owned by billionaires, governments and corporations, FSTV amplifies underrepresented voices and those working on the front lines of social, economic and environmental justice. Reaching over 40 million U.S. television households, it brings its viewers an array of daily news programs, independent documentaries and special events coverage. Thanks to support from Voqal, FSTV used data to gain better insight about its audience to deliver high-quality programming aimed at advancing social change one viewer at a time.

FSTV staff aggregated data in weekly, monthly and quarterly performance reports that showed comparative year trending and identified high-performing telecasts and series. Through a detailed analysis of this data, it gained additional insights, which were used to better inform its programming and promotions. This data also enabled FSTV to identify further growth opportunities. Finally, FSTV used the data to tell the story of its impact and audience to prospective partners and funders.

FSTV programming provides an important progressive voice to the television landscape. Its focus on advancing social change through television programming is an important step towards a more socially equitable world. Voqal is proud to support FSTV in these efforts and looks forward to FSTV’s continued use of data to better work with its partners to deliver high quality, progressive television programming.