Getting Money out of Politics

November 9, 2015

Democracy shouldn’t come with a price tag. That’s why the Voqal Fund supports initiatives designed to get money out of politics and ensure every citizen has an equal voice.

Last week’s elections saw victories in campaign finance reform in Seattle and Maine, bolstered by support from Voqal Fund partnerships. On Nov. 3, Seattle citizens voted to create a public financing system that allows voters to donate vouchers to qualified candidates to support their campaigns, and passed reforms to increase transparency and limit campaign spending. In Maine, citizens voted to strengthen their Clean Election system, requiring transparency in spending and accountability for those who violate campaign finance laws.

The Voqal Fund provided general funds to Proteus Action League for its work to push these initiatives through. Supporting campaign finance reform is part of the Voqal Fund’s overall mission to effect progressive social change, said Senior Program Officer Kathy Partridge.

“We are committed to ensuring our democracy is not sold to the highest bidder,” Partridge said. “Government institutions are not serving citizens when monied interests can buy results.”

We will continue to provide updates on the Voqal Fund’s efforts to remove big money from politics. Please visit the Voqal Fund page for more information.