Hollaback! Helps Young Cohort of Community Organizers Lead the Fight Against Harassment

March 3, 2017

Hollaback! is a global movement to end harassment powered by a network of grassroots activists. It works to understand harassment, ignite public conversations and develop innovative strategies to ensure equal access to public spaces. It leverages new technologies to bring voice to an issue that historically has been silenced and to build leadership within this movement to break the silence. Thanks to support from Voqal, Hollaback was able to expand its foundational site leader training and outreach, creating a sustainable and focused leadership base in 2016.

Hollaback! fully developed and implemented an in-depth training program for its 13th class. From January to July 2016, it held 13 trainings, 11 readings and five webinars on media, HTML and website building, volunteer management, community outreach, navigating trauma and intersectionality. Hollaback! staff developed localized websites that are actively collecting stories of harassment from individuals on the ground. Each site connects with its regional chair, who provides mentorship throughout the creation of an annual plan. Class members have also been integrated into the Hollaback! committees and communications network and are actively participating in both.

Within the ongoing Hollaback! site leader program, Hollaback! has deepened leadership and community building opportunities. It began this process in January 2016, by setting up committees and establishing regional leaders. Hollaback! staff coordinated four sets of peer-to-peer calls between sites and engaged in quarterly check-ins with regional leaders. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and Hollaback! is seeing higher site engagement rates as a result of this work.

As these results show, Hollaback! had a successful year of developing future leaders in the fight to combat harassment. In addition, the work accomplished in the past year should set the stage for more effective and efficient training of future leaders in the movement for years to come. Voqal is proud to have supported the work of Hollaback! to address this important issue and looks forward to its continued success in making the world a safer place for all.