Make Your Voice Heard: Vote

Picture of hand placing ballot in box.

Voqal strongly believes that an empowered and engaged public is necessary to create a more socially equitable country. Furthermore, 2020 has been characterized by a number of challenges. Whether it’s the COVID-19 pandemic or the racial reckoning resulting from continued police brutality against the Black community, it is clear now more than ever before that it is all of our responsibility to work towards creating a brighter future.

In light of this, we highly encourage everyone in our community to make your voice heard and exercise your right to vote. While the election is fast approaching, there is still plenty of time to weigh in on what is likely to be a historic election. And it’s not just the presidential election. Many of us will be voting for local and state officials who are key decisionmakers in the policies that are needed to advance greater racial and social equity. Lastly, in many states, you can practice direct democracy by voting on ballot initiatives, that if approved by a certain number of voters, will become policy. With so many ways to influence public policy through your vote, exercising this fundamental right is a no-brainer.

Not sure how to vote? Visit to learn everything you need to know about voting in your state.

What are you waiting for? Make a plan and vote!