Mobile Citizen Spotlight: Ashbury Senior Computer Community Center

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Voqal project, Mobile Citizen, aims to bridge the digital divide by offering free and low-cost internet to educational institutions, nonprofits, and social welfare agencies. In its most recent case study, Mobile Citizen highlights the work of Ashbury Senior Computer Community Center to help close the digital divide in Cleveland. Below is an excerpt from the case study:

For people over 65 in the U.S., 31% do not have a computer or do not have access to the internet. In low-income households where the earnings are no more than $20,000 per year, only 41% of adults have access to high-quality internet—compared to 80% in households with a median household income of $60,293. There is a huge gap in digital literacy skills and a dire need for educational organizations to step in and provide access and education to the internet. Ashbury Senior Computer Community Center (ASC³) in Cleveland, OH has done just that. 

ASC³ is a non-profit organization that empowers Cleveland residents through free and low-cost training in technology. Its mission is clear: bridge the digital divide in Cleveland’s inner-city communities by educating adults with limited experience and resources.

“We love our partnership with Mobile Citizen because a lot of our constituents can’t afford the high cost that comes with high-quality internet service. They purchase the devices and service from us, but Mobile Citizen is the vendor behind it that allows us to provide equal access to the internet into low-income households in Cleveland,” said Wanda.

Read the full case study and learn how your organization can benefit from Mobile Citizen’s low-cost internet hotspots and service on the Mobile Citizen website.