Mobile Citizen Spotlight: Aspiritech

Voqal project, Mobile Citizen, aims to bridge the digital divide by offering free and low-cost internet to educational institutions, nonprofits, and social welfare agencies. In a recent case study, Mobile Citizen highlights one of those organizations, Aspiritech. An excerpt from that case study can be found below:

Aspiritech is a world-class software testing and quality assurance (QA) nonprofit corporation. It’s also on a mission to empower individuals with autism by providing meaningful employment and social opportunities. Aspiritech was founded by Brenda and Moshe Weitzberg whose adult son Oran had difficulties finding work to suit his talents. They began researching opportunities and discovered a testing firm in Denmark that employed adults on the autism spectrum in the QA industry.

Aspiritech actively hires adults with autism and currently has nearly 130 employees, working on 15 to 20 different projects daily, for 10 to 12 major customers. With services focusing on software and hardware quality assurance testing, Aspiritech’s network must always be connected and trustworthy. That’s where Mobile Citizen’s hotspot devices and affordable wireless internet service become especially critical – by providing alternative and reliable technology that many nonprofit organizations need to run effectively and smoothly.

To read the full case study or to learn how your organization can take advantage of Mobile Citizen’s affordable internet offer, visit the Mobile Citizen website.