Mobile Citizen Spotlight: Digital Inclusion in the LGBTQ Community

Image Description: Mobile Citizen Logo that includes the world Mobile Citizen in red and gray and three arches above the word that resemble a wi-fi icon.

Voqal knows that creating a truly socially equitable world will require a diverse array of approaches. One of these approaches, Voqal project, Mobile Citizen focuses on addressing the digital divide by providing low-cost internet access. After all, true social equity is impossible without ensuring everyone is able to benefit from affordable and accessible internet connectivity. This month we highlight the groundbreaking work of one of the organizations Mobile Citizen partners with to achieve its mission, the LGBT Community Network.

An excerpt from a case study Mobile Citizen recently released about its work with the LGBT Community Network is below:

LGBT Community Network provides support and essential resources that enrich the well-being of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. Since 2020 those resources have included Mobile Citizen Wi-Fi Hotspots, helping the nonprofit group bridge digital divides that exist in their LGBT communities.

In early 2020, LGBT Community Network purchased Wi-Fi hotspot devices from Mobile Citizen so volunteers could help students within their communities stay connected to remote learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. “We equipped dozens of low income or no-income kids with Mobile Citizen Wi-Fi hotspot devices and high-speed internet service so they could get online and keep up with their classes,” said executive director, Jason Scott.

As the pandemic receded and most kids headed back to the classroom, the nonprofit redeployed its Mobile Citizen hotpots to others in need. One thing Scott is particularly excited about is the group’s efforts to keep homeless LGBT youth connected. “Our homeless youth rarely have funds for cell phones. Now they can use the Mobile Citizen Wi-Fi devices for both internet and internet-based phone service,” Scott explained. “We’re very proud to be able to offer that capability when the need is so dire.”

Interested in learning more about the LGBT Network and Mobile Citizen’s work to increase digital inclusion in the LGBT community? Read the full case study on Mobile Citizen’s website.