Museums Cutting Ties to Fossil Fuel Industry

November 17, 2015

Several museums across the country, including the Field Museum of Chicago, recently announced they have divested their financial portfolios from fossil fuels, with some implementing gift policies preventing them from accepting funding from fossil fuel companies.

Earlier this spring, The Natural History Museum, a Voqal USA grantee, coordinated a letter from 30 climate scientists, urging museum directors to stop taking money from the fossil fuel industry, as such ties could “undermine public confidence in the validity of these institutions.” Since then, The Field Museum in Chicago, the California Academy of Sciences and the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh have announced they’ve divested from fossil fuels. In addition, the Phipps Conservatory will no longer accept donations from fossil fuel companies.

Read more about The Natural History Museum, a project offered by Not an Alternative, and its mission to affirm the truth of science.