Nation Inside Launches Powerful Platform to Fight Mass Incarceration

May 16, 2016

Nation Inside is a network and web platform for the movement to end mass incarceration. It supports 42 grassroots groups representing 350,000 people with the communications, technology and skills needed to turn the tide on mass incarceration. Thanks to funding from Voqal, Nation Inside was able to optimize its web platform to better support the work of its partners. Through a collaborative design process that involved its campaign leaders and stakeholders, Nation Inside was able to develop the next generation iteration of its network.

To develop a truly responsive platform, Nation Inside has engaged its membership at every stage of the process from conception to implementation. It worked directly with 103 stakeholders and gathered feedback from over 1,100 users regarding the content and design of the new platform. The process included interviewing 92 campaign managers and 11 key-partner organizations. In addition, thanks to in-depth participation from the Nation Inside network, a range of training needs were identified and are now being addressed.

Nation Inside’s new network will enable it to better accomplish its mission of changing the U.S. criminal justice system. The new features of this platform will not only modernize Nation Inside’s network, but also have the potential to greatly increase its membership. Features of the new platform include:

  • A new content management system
  • An updated visual design
  • Three new campaign templates
  • A site map
  • A new landing page for Nation Inside
  • “I am Nation Inside” — an interactive petition tool

Each of Nation Inside’s 42 campaigns is independent with their own goals, but together they are building a movement to fight for justice, human rights and safer communities for all. This updated platform reflects members’ desire for knowledge, skill and experience sharing. As a strong supporter of positive social change made possible by media and technology, Voqal looks forward to the policy and movement victories this new platform is sure to accomplish in the area of criminal justice.