NEBSA Celebrates 40 Years with Annual Conference in San Antonio

February 23, 2018

NEBSA, the National Educational Broadband Service (EBS) Association, recently held its Annual Conference in San Antonio. 2018 marked NEBSA’s 40th year of service to the EBS community. As stewards of EBS spectrum, Voqal is a proud member of NEBSA and was excited to be able to participate in another great conference.

Numerous speakers were on hand this year to share their knowledge on EBS educational applications, regulatory issues and technological developments.

Jaime Casap, chief evangelist at Google, headlined the event and shared his internationally recognized expertise on the impact of technology on education. In addition, Patricia Tikkala, vice president of spectrum management at Sprint, shared information on the rollout of LTE, new services and devices, and leasing activities that impact EBS.

“The NEBSA annual conference is an amazing opportunity to learn about the impact EBS organizations make in schools and communities across the country. It is also a great opportunity to collaborate with colleagues across the country and share ideas to make the impact even greater,” said Mark Colwell, Voqal’s director of telecommunications strategy.

Next year’s conference will take place in Tampa, Florida on February 18-20, 2019.

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