Net Neutrality Rapid Response Grants

Update: Nov. 25, 2014
Original Post: Oct. 7, 2014

Update: We have now expended the funds allocated for the Net Neutrality Rapid Response funding. Voqal thanks everyone who showed interest.

Voqal plans to make a number of grants for activity in support of the FCC’s reclassifying broadband as a common carrier service under Title II of the Communications Act.

In particular, through Voqal Fund, we wish to support timely national and/or state level organizing that is targeted to directly or indirectly influence the decision-makers. We rely on your imagination, but activities could involve holding on-the-ground demonstrations, organizing testimony at field hearings, lobby days or any number of timely projects that cannot be undertaken without financial support.

Grant sizes: $2,000 to $20,000 per grant.