Plenary Day 1: Consider Me Ignited with Ideas (or at the Very Least Energy)

By Kristen Meador, via the 2014 NTC Conference in Washington, D.C.
March 13, 2014

Nten I got a bird’s-eye view from the Live Media Hub for this morning’s 90 minute rip-roaring start to NTEN’s 2014 NTC Conference. If you were fortunate enough to be there, and I do hope you were, you know that there was a massive amount of information and energy shared. What seemed like a half-empty gigantic conference room at the start quickly was busting at the seams with enthusiasm.

Perhaps I was not quite caffeinated enough this morning, but I can not claim to provide a full summary in this post. Between Amy Sample Ward’s enthusiastic welcome to practical information about Washington, D.C. to the NTEN Awards, DoGooder Awards and the Ignite sessions, a lot of ground was covered. That said, like all of us do-gooders here, I will endeavor to do my best by providing some tips, highlights and final thoughts from this morning’s opening Plenary Session.

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