OPEN Unites Digital Campaigning Organizations to Advance Progressive Change

September 7, 2017


Online Progressive Engagement Network (OPEN) is a growing association of the leading nation-based digital campaigning organizations. OPEN shares insights, expertise and collaboration seamlessly across its membership. This allows its member organizations to think and build cumulatively – rather than redundantly – pushing innovation forward. The result: more people-powered progressive change, in more places, faster. With Voqal’s support, OPEN was better able to support its members’ efforts at leveraging the opportunities needed to achieve their missions.

Thanks to Voqal, OPEN connected, coordinated, enhanced and grew its members. OPEN coordinated members to help them share similar goals, targets, and priorities around issues such as trade, refugees’ issues, tax justice and climate change. It also enhanced the capability of each its members by providing technology, training and strategic analysis. Finally, with Voqal’s support Open helped several progressive startups launch and thrive, bringing new allies and leaders to the network.

Digital campaigning is an important toolset in the fight to advance social change. To best use it, it is important for organizations using these tools to collaborate and learn from another. For this reason, Voqal is proud to have supported the work of OPEN and looks forward to seeing its continued efforts at creating a network of progressive-minded, digitally focused agents for change.