Our Statement on the Recent FCC Enforcement Action Against Voqal USA

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The Instructional Telecommunications Foundation (ITF) (d/b/a Voqal USA) is dismayed by the FCC Republican majority’s decision to approve a Notice of Apparent Liability (NAL) against ITF. The Commission’s findings ignore our exemplary record, full compliance with all FCC requirements, and longstanding commitment to educational service. We look forward to responding in detail to the NAL.

ITF is proud of its record serving tens of thousands of educators, students, nonprofits, and libraries that rely on our low-cost mobile internet service, especially during this time of intense need. During the ongoing pandemic, many of the schools ITF serves have moved fully online and would have no way to connect all of their students without our service. When children’s only hope of learning is via the web, ITF remains focused on expanding affordable internet access to those who need it most.

“The FCC is taking this action against ITF for allegedly not following the very rules it recently eliminated. Not only do we believe we have not violated any FCC policies, but we also have gone above and beyond to provide educational service to tens of thousands of vulnerable Americans,” said ITF President John Schwartz.